ABC Automated Testing Reagents 4-Month Supply
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ABC Automated Testing Reagents 4-Month Supply

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4-Month Supply

  • 4 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles

  • 2 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

  • 2 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

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Compatible Reagents for Automated Testing Systems

Reagent solutions for the analysis of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. It can be used to manually test levels of kH, Ca, and Mg of aquarium water. Available in two, four, and six months supply packs.* 

2-Month Supply

  • 2 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 1 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle
  • 1 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

4-Month Supply

  • 4 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 2 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 2 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottles

6-Month Supply

  • 6 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 3 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle
  • 3 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

* Monthly supply based on common testing frequencies of automated systems.

Automated Testing System Instructions:

The Reagents Will Need to Be Calibrated if Using an Automated Testing System. Pour ABC Reagents into your automated testing system's containers, then proceed with the calibration procedure of your choice.


Please Note: The calibration solution is NOT SUPPLIED since the value of accuracy is dependent on what the user determines is the best standard of accuracy.

Calibration Options

  • Users can perform manual tests of given aquarium water using their trusted test kits. Then calibrate using those values. Example home test kits include but are not limited to Salifert, Fauna Marin, Red Sea, API, etc.
  • Use calibration solutions from another preferred source/vendor. We recommend Fauna Marin’s
    Multi-Reference Solution which is an ICP-tested reference solution with given values listed on the bottle.
  • Use any water source with values you determine are accurate to your liking!



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