TLF AccuraSea1 Artificial Seawater Mix - 50G Salt Mix ***CLEARANCE***
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TLF AccuraSea1 Artificial Seawater Mix - 50G Salt Mix ***CLEARANCE***

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AccuraSea1 is packed in a plurality of carefully weighed packs to make it easier to produce a precise seawater solution every time.

55 US gal (208L) at SG 1.021
50 US gal (190L) at SG 1.023
45 US gal (170L) at SG 1.026

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At Two Little Fishies the big picture has always been about LITTLE details. That's why we've made this new artificial sea water mix like no other. We call it AccuraSea1.

AccuraSea1 is formulated to simulate natural sea water, and it's packaged as a plurality of precisely weighed packs. The advantage of this packing are many: You can mix up a batch without ever having to check the salinity. No more back and forth adding salt, mixing, waiting, testing and adjusting until you get it right. Simply put a measured volume of water in the mixing bucket or vat, add the contents of one or more packs depending on the water volume, and you have a precise sea water blend suitable for delicate marinelife

If you're thinking that's no big deal, consider this: when a dry salt mix is not carefully blended, one scoop is not precisely the same as another, so unless you use the complete contents of a bag or bucket of salt, each mix you produce may not be the same. Even when the salts are milled to a uniform size and blended homogeneously by the manufacturer, the hygroscopic nature of artificial salt mixes produces another problem: if you don't use all the salt mix when you open the package, humidity gets in and reacts with the salt. The reactions produce insoluable residuals and fundamentally change the formulation. Have you ever had to take a hammer to a salt bucket, or drop a bag of salt to loosen it up because it got hard? Sure, you can use it, but that salt t is a change product. You can tell by the stuff that it leaves on the bottom of your mixing vat. The individual packing of AccuraSea1 lets you produce seawater that is the same every time. The way we see it, precision is not a gross concept.


Contains 10 little packs that each make 4.5 gallons (17L) at a S. G. of 1.026 (25°C/77°F), 5 gallons at 1.023, or 5.5 gallons at 1.021. At 1.026 our furmola has an alkalinty of 8 dKH, magnesium 1300mg/l, and calcium 420mg/l.


AccuraSea1 is made in the USA by Two Little FIshies, Inc.



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