MRC Nilsen Kalkwasser Reactor Large
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MRC Nilsen Kalkwasser Reactor Large

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Large Nilsen Dual Mixing 8x18 Chamber
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Large Nilsen Dual Mixing 8x18 Chamber

Nilsen Kalk Reactor Ca(OH)2

A Nilsen Reactor, like a Calcium reactor, helps dissolve calcium into a useable form before distributing it into the rest of your system. However, a Neilson Reactor uses a separate chamber to mix kalkwasser (calcium lime water mix) into the water. No carbon dioxide is needed.

The Nilsen reactor is a long time favorite of reefers for the simplistic approach to topping off with fresh water and raising Ca levels at the same time. A dosing pump feeds the reactor from your fresh water make up water reservoir. It passes through the highly saturated calcium hydroxide solution in the reactor.

Imagine adding 4 full measuring cups of kalk without worries of the unit not getting stuck in the solution. The best and easiest to use Nilsen reactor on the market! No premixing necessary. The new revolutionary design allows the most amount of kalk to be added than any other Nilsen reactor on the market. (Patent Pending). New Nilsen with built in timing mechanism. One timer when the mixing occurs and another for the length of the mix. This allows you to get the right amount of kalk mixed for your system. Each timer is selectible between 10 different positions to give you 100 different timing options!

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