Large Worm Brain Coral Decoration #311
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Large Worm Brain Coral Decoration #311

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Dimensions (Inches): 7.5 x 5 x 4
$50 combined minimum order required for coral decorations.
  • $59.49
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Realism Matters!
All of our corals are carefully molded from actual coral skeletons and cast using a specialized aquarium-safe urethane rubber. This special urethane offers incredibly high tear-strength as well as impact-, wear- and UV-resistance. Unlike other imitation corals, our corals are not painted, but rather are infused throughout with color so our products will not fade or deteriorate. Our corals are safe for freshwater and saltwater. They are used in public & private collections all over the US.

Made to order:
All corals are custom made at your request. We offer common color options for most corals, but are happy to take special requests as well. If you're in need of a custom overflow cover or insert, please contact us!

Our corals can be brushed or soaked in bleach solution to clean as needed. Simply soak in a 20% solution of bleach & water. Rinse in fresh water and allow to completely air dry before adding the coral back into the aquarium.

Choose from several mounting options:

  • Flat Base
  • Screw Base (Drill hole in your existing structure for mounting.)
  • Rock Base (Great way to make a coral freestanding.)

Screw Base

Rock Base


$50 combined minimum order required for coral decorations.
  • Choose Base Type
    None - Flat Bottom, Screw Base, Rock Base
  • Choose Color
    Two Tone: Light Blue Base / Light Purple Highlights, Two Tone: Green Base / Orange Highlights, Two Tone: Orange Base / Yellow Highlights, Two Tone: Yellow Base / Red Highlights
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