AquaIllumination Hydra 26 HD LED Module - Black
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AquaIllumination Hydra 26 HD LED Module - Black

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7 Channels
Built-in WiFi

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Giving cotnrol back to you!


With traditional LED lighting, there is a fixed total amount of power per color you can utilize to power your LEDs. With the Hydra HD Series from AI were unleashing your LEDs full potential by giving back control of the power to you.

Brighter than bright!

No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel, the Hydra HD dynamically adjusts power available to each color, borrowing power from the colors youre not utilizing. Giving you the most vivid spectrum your tank has ever seen.




Trusted Spectrum



No Controller Required!

Built In WiFi


Ai-Fi is the presence of built in WiFi in your AI devices allowing you to use the myAITM app on any iOS or Andrioid device to easily set up or program one or multiple AI Hydra HDs or Primes. Dont have a smart phone? Any WiFi enabled Mac or PC will work.


Hydra HD Series FAQs
With new products come new questions. Please read the following FAQs carefully.

Do I need a controller to program the Hydra HD Series?
No, the Hydra HD Series is equipped with Ai-Fi enabling it to be programmable through or through the iOS or Android myAITM app.

Will the Hydra HD Series work with the New Controller?

Will the Hydra HD Series work with the Director?
Yes. A Director is not necessary to program a Hydra HD, however one or more HDs will operate alongside other AI LED modules that are being controlled by a Director. All AI LED fixtures including HDs will be identifiable andcontrollable using one myAITM account.

Where do I get the myAITM app for my phone or tablet?
Go to the App store or Google Play and search for myAITM

Will the original Hydra TwentySix and Hydra FiftyTwo still be available?
No, the Hydra HD Series are replacing the original Hydra lights.

Do the HDs need to be programmed?
No, however if un-programmed the HDs will remain on at full intensity while powered on. In this case you shouldoperate the Hydra HD Series with a timer.

Can you color match the new HDs with the original Hydra FiftyTwo and Hydra TwentySix?
No, the colors and color proportions of the Hydra HDSeries have changed.

Are the Hydra HDs compatible with AIs mounting solutions?
Yes, the HDs are compatible with the EXT and Classicmounting rails.



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