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  • PURA ChlorLock
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    Professional Grade Dechlorinator
    Treats 25000 Gal

    PÛRA ChlorLock is the safest and most effective way of neutralizing chlorine and bleach in all fresh and salt-water aquarium applications. It also the most cost effective way of preparing aquarium and pond water.

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  • Sparkle - Fast Acting Phosphate Remover
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    Very fast acting phosphate remover & aquarium cleaning and filtration aid

    Sparkle is a very rapid lanthanum based phosphate remover. Its other characteristics include flocculation of particulates and algae inhibition via nutrient removal. Packed in a easy-measure twin neck bottle, it is convenient and extremely economical to use on any size aquarium. It is equally effective and safe in reef, fish only and planted aquariums. It is most useful for bringing down high levels of phosphates and works synergistically with PhosLock which works great at low range phosphate reduction. When used regularly, Sparkle will help to maintain an extremely clean aquarium ennvironment.

    16 oz bottle treats 1000 gallons

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