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6 Small Live Moon JellyFish
6 Small Live Moon JellyFish

6 x 1" diameter Moon Jellyfish. 

Aurelia aurita—lab cultured, tank raised.

Temperature range: 64ºF-78ºF (18ºC-26ºC) 

Shipping Info:
All Jellyfish are shipped via UPS Next Day Air. Orders received before 9am EST Monday - Thursday, usually ship the same day. You must be available to acclimate the jellyfish into your jellyfish aquarium the day they arrive. If you need them delivered on a specific date, please specify in the comment section at checkout. Otherwise, we will schedule your shipment according to the time it was received. Jellyfish can only be shipped within the US.

Live Arrival Guarantee:
All live Jellyfish are to be inspected immediately upon receipt. If you feel you have received an animal that is not healthy, or is not alive, you must notify us within 24 hours to be considered for replacement. Notification should be in writing via email. Please include pictures or video of the damaged animal in the bag and with the metal clip still on and a description of the problem. All DOA's will be replaced on your next order. Shipping costs are non-refundable.


Acclimation You Jellyfish:

Temperature Acclimation

Step 1.

Float the bagged jellies in your jellyfish tank until the temperature inside the bag matches your jellyfish tank water.  This will take about 15-20 minutes, more or less.  Rotate and turn the bag occasionally to keep the jellies stimulated and belling.  This helps mix the water inside the bag and expedite the process.

Step 2.

Take the temperature of the bagged water and compare it with that of your tank water.  They should match before moving on to the next step.


Water Chemistry Acclimation

Once the temperature has equalized between the bagged jellies and the tank water, you can begin to conduct small water changes inside the bag. This is called water chemistry acclimation.

Step 3.

Exchange water between the bag and your tank water. Open the bag and pour out (or scoop out using a small plastic cup ) about 20% of the water in the bag.  Then gently allow about 20% of your tank water into the bag, secure with the rubber band and allow it to float once again.  You can leave some air in the bag as you band it up so it floats well. Still rotate and turn the bag to gently stimulate the jellies to bell and therefore move the newly introduced saltwater through their system.  They must be actively moving the water through their system in order to properly acclimate and they need you to help them do it.  Gently spin, turn & rotate the bag with each water change.

You will do 4 or 5 of these small water changes over an hour.  Pour a little water out of the bag and then introduce a little water back into the bag—you are slowly and gently getting your jellies comfortable with their new watery environment. Do not rush this step.  It is crucial to your jellies survival and development.  Please complete it within 1-2  hours total time from temperature acclimation until introducing them into your tank.  (i.e.  don’t spend all day getting them acclimated… they do need to get out of the bag in a timely fashion).


Step 4.

Releasing the Jellies into your Tank

• Now that you have properly acclimated the jellies, you should see nice and even belling inside the bag.  Now you can release them into the tank.

•Leave the bag sitting in the water.

•Gently open the bag

•Allow the jellies to exit the bag

•Do not spill the jellies into the tank

Overnight Shipping Charge are $49.99. Please specify best day for arrival in comment section at checkout.

Price: $150.00


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